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Welcome to the unique in Greece, Astronomy Cafe


I am Stergos Manolakas, owner of the unique Astronomy Café in Greece.

As a child, I was fascinated with the space and astronomy. Since my childhood I was looking up to the sky and tried to realize the universe. At 1995 I started amateur astronomy with the astronomer Mr. Volker Milde, to whom I am very grateful.
Since then I have learned astronomy in practice. Together with Melina Heesch, we welcome you to this special place to enjoy astronomy and relaxation. Since 2013, you have the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour of the stars in our two observatories with me or the amateur astronomer.
With the telescopes of our two observatories you can observe astronomical objects, thousands or millions of light years away. In the star garden you can see a lot of exhibits and astronomical constructions that I made myself in my free time.
In the Astronomy Cafe Self Service, you can discover our homemade Astro Cocktails, Milkshakes, Coffee and Beers.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Astronomy Cafe Self Service.